Our internal and external behaviour

The following four reference criteria constitute our joint philosophy of how we are to behave among ourselves as well as vis-à-vis customers and suppliers. They were developed jointly by the staff of Sefag Components AG and provide the foundation for our teamwork. Proactively embracing these fundamental principles is therefore crucial at every organisational level. It will ensure that we are comfortable in tackling our day-to-day assignments and help the company achieve long-term success. By living these reference criterias every day, we always meet each and everyone at eye level, put arguments before functional level and solve challenges in a fact-oriented and pragmatic way. We take the freedom and at the same time the responsibility to shape our work ourselves.

The staff of Sefag Components AG, May 2017

Respectful interaction

«I treat others as I would wish to be treated myself.»

We are all different. If we demonstrate respect in our interactions with one another, this diversity is an added value for ourselves, our customers and our suppliers.

Businesslike collaboration

«I fulfil my role for the good of the organisation as a whole.»

As an SME we work together closely across departments and functions. Businesslike collaboration enables efficient progress.

Open communication

«I say what I think and I always do what I say.»

We often face considerable challenges due to the pressures of time and cost efficiency. Honest and open communication simplifies our everyday working life.

Constant willingness to learn

«I support others without being asked to do so and I accept their help.»

Our environment is constantly on the move, as we are ourselves. If we are constantly willing to learn and help each other, change will be something that helps make us stronger.