Sefag Components AG with iTAK at Powertage in Zurich and at FNN in Hamburg

Efficient solution for voltage conversions

We are very pleased to be able to present ourselves with an innovation at the Forum Netzbau und Netzbetrieb (FNN) in Hamburg and at the Powertage in Zurich after the long dry spell without trade fairs in May.

Sefag Components AG exclusively produces and distributes the insulated supporting tension chain ISC (German: iTAK - isolierte Tragabspannkette) of AXPO Grid AG. The ISC is a simple solution for quickly and easily implementing voltage increases at all voltage levels on existing overhead lines. Voltage increases can entail lengthy planning approval procedures and investments if the masts have to be changed. With ISC, masts and suspension points remain the same. The existing infrastructure (masts) can continue to be used. In addition, the ISC is at the same time an excellent solution to implement the bird protection requirements.

Axpo, one of the largest distribution grid operators in Switzerland, came up with the idea for the insulated supporting tension chain. In order to implement the voltage increase in their distribution network from 50kV to 110kV quickly and cost-effectively, they developed the insulated supporting tension chain in collaboration with various partners and had the solution patented. As part of a pilot project, this has already been successfully in use on existing lines in the distribution network of Axpo Grid AG since 2020. We will also be happy to design project-specific overall solutions for you with the ISC as the centrepiece.

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At the Forum Netzbau und Netzbetrieb (FNN), which will take place from May 12-13, 2022 in Hamburg, we will present the ISC insulated suspension chain as a partner of Axpo Grid AG. This traditional conference is already taking place for the 29th time and continues to focus on the effects of the energy turnaround and the necessary grid expansions, as well as the innovations in cable and overhead line construction in the medium, high and extra-high voltage levels. The conference is always accompanied by an exhibition with 20 to 30 exhibitors on all aspects of HV grid construction.

The Powertage in Zurich from May 17-19, 2022 is the leading Swiss meeting place for the electricity and energy industry, where we present our entire product range and services. In the morning, the Powertage specialist forum will feature interesting and high-quality specialist presentations on the exhibition topics. The focus will be on transmission, distribution and storage, as well as on Energy Strategy 2050 and the generation mix of the future. Specialists from the energy industry, federal authorities and politics will speak.

At our stand at the Powertage, you will receive first-hand information from Toni Wunderlin, Head of Technology at AXPO Grid AG and developer of the ISC solution, in a short technical lecture on Tuesday and on Wednesday at 02:00 pm!

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We are looking forward to your visit.

Your team from Sefag Components AG