Braided connectors

Braided connectors are highly flexible connecting elements for power transmission. Thanks to their flexibility, they have proven extremely durable against switching surges, oscillations and vibrations.

Braided connectors are comprised of interlaced individual copper wires (0.1 to 0.2 mm). The ends are crimped in bushings or cable lugs and can then be processed into individual connectors according to specific customer demands. Depending on the customer requirements, the surface is left untreated or given a silver or tin coating. When insulated, the braided connectors can also be manufactured in cable form.

Depending on the design, a differentiation is made between flat and round braids. While flat braids can also be used in tight spaces, round braided connectors have the advantage that they are flexible in all directions and can absorb powerful external forces. Braided connectors are used in mechanical and plant engineering, in energy distribution or in automotive engineering.

  • In machines and switchgears
  • In vehicles
  • In electroplating
  • As a secondary conductor during resistance welding
  • As an earth connector

We would be happy to help in developing your own individual solution and providing our support when it comes to technical and economical  optimisation. Sefag Components AG guarantees the highest possible quality thanks to decades of experience in the field of specialised production technology.

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Examples of braided connectors