Connecting bolts

In the area of energy distribution, connecting bolts form the link between a ground station – such as a substation – and an overhead line. In order to connect the conductors, they are brought together in a hollow metal body and the connection is then crimped or screw-mounted.

Connecting bolts are a simple and cost-effective option for connecting conductors made of different materials or in different sizes. They are used in the production and distribution of energy, primarily in power line construction.

Connecting bolts are usually made of copper or aluminium. Depending on the customer requirements, the surface is left untreated or given a silver or tin coating. Crimped connecting bolts are produced up to a cable cross-section of 1,600 mm2. On larger cable cross-sections (up to 2,500 mm2), screw-mounted connecting bolts are also increasingly being used.

Sefag Components AG manufactures crimped and screw-mounted connecting bolts in a range of connection options, both with and without grooves. We develop our solutions in close cooperation with our customers and offer our support based on our experience in the field of power transmission.

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