Plug connectors

Plug connectors enable the flow of electricity to be disconnected and reconnected quickly and easily when required.

These contact elements are manufactured from copper, aluminium and other conductive metals and can be processed into individual connectors according to specific customer demands. Depending on the customer requirements, the surface is left untreated or given a silver, tin or nickel coating.

Plug connectors are used in a range of different industrial applications. Their main advantage is that the flow of electricity can be connected and disconnected quickly (plug in / plug out). The contacts are used in mechanical and plant engineering, in energy production or in automotive engineering.

  • In machines
  • In switchgears
  • Between motors and machine parts
  • In power stations and substations
  • In temporary appliances

Thanks to their high-quality workmanship, our plug connectors are resistant and hard-wearing. Our decades of experience in using these components in practice have also allowed us to optimise our production technology. In this way, we can combine plug connectors with other components to form individual assemblies. As a classic solution provider, we support our customers in solving very specific connection problems. Contact us today to discuss your needs without obligation.

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