As a classic solution provider, we help our customers to overcome specific challenges in the field of power transmission. We analyse the problems and develop tailored solutions together. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we are familiar with the difficulties that can be encountered in connection technology and can demonstrate both technical and economical optimisation potential.

Our components and systems have proven particularly effective when electricity has to be transmitted in difficult conditions.

Our components are used wherever the conductor is subjected to powerful external forces – such as switching surges, oscillations or vibrations – or where the components are at risk of wear as a result of mechanical loads. They can also be used for connections between movable elements or those elements where a rigid connection is not possible.

Moreover, our products are used where power flows in extremely tight spaces or has to be transmitted between conductors of different types. This can be the case in energy production and distribution, in mechanical and plant engineering, or in automotive engineering.

Our product portfolio includes flexible and rigid components made from copper and aluminium that are processed according to customer demands into individual, long-lasting connecting elements of the highest quality.