Power transmission between materials

The materials used for transmitting power from A to B are not always the same. Cables and other conductor types have different characteristics, different diameters and are made from various materials.

Nonetheless, energy also has to be transmitted safely and smoothly between different connectors. This is where our components come into their own – their quality and durability mean they are the perfect connecting elements for such cases.

Sefag Components AG specialises in finding solutions to such complex challenges. Together with our customers, we develop special components and systems in order to meet the individual challenges seen in power transmission. In doing so, we can draw on many years of experience and comprehensive expertise. We then use these qualities to demonstrate both technical and economical optimisation possibilities to our customers. An analysis often shows that the first solution can still almost always be optimised.

Many providers in the field of energy production and distribution rely on our products. Our components can also be found in machines and systems from a range of different industries as they provide the suitable – and often missing – link between connectors that are presumed incompatible.

Our customers can count on our know-how and experience at all times when it comes to reliably connecting different materials and conductors. By optimally combining and processing flexible and rigid components made from copper, aluminium and other conductive metals, we are able to develop individual connecting elements in line with specific customer demands. Where necessary, we insulate individual components or treat and coat their surfaces. The mechanical production of these high-quality components is one of our core skills, particularly welding and joining technology.

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