Power transmission under load

During power transmission, the connecting elements used for conduction are often subjected to powerful external forces such as switching surges, oscillations or vibrations.

For this reason, flexible components such as expansion connectors or braided connectors are often used to meet these challenges. The above-average mechanical load on the connecting elements places high demands on production technology in order to minimise wear.

A profound understanding of electrical engineering and the processing of conductive metals are basic requirements for successfully dealing with such demands. In particular, welding and joining technology are among our core skills. These skills form the basis for the high quality and durability of our products.

Our components are used in the generation and distribution of electrical energy – in power stations and substations, switching devices, transformers and generators. They are used in power line construction and are also found in the electric drive systems of various vehicles – whether in aviation, the car industry or in rail vehicles.

Thanks to our decades of experience in the field, we know which material has to be used and how it should be processed and treated in order to deal with the specific forces and individual challenges seen in power transmission. Our specialists are there to help right from the consulting and project management phase onwards, and use the expertise at their disposal to ensure that customers have all the information possible for making their decision.

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