Cooling boxes

Cooling boxes are used in the field of power electronics to reduce the operating temperature of electronic parts.

They enable the direct water cooling of a heat source, such as a semiconductor or power resistor. The components are made of aluminium and are conductive, meaning they can be used simultaneously for cooling the semiconductor and for dissipating the electrical current.

Depending on the application area and semiconductors , different cooling element shapes are used. Cooling boxes have decisive advantages compared to components that are cooled via convection (i.e. air). As the heat does not have to first be diverted to a cooling element and cooled there, our cooling boxes are more energy efficient, save space and are quiet.

They are used in power electronics, including in electric drive technology, in energy production or in heavy industry.

  • In inverter systems
  • As frequency converters
  • Between motors and machine parts

Sefag Components AG designs and manufactures cooling boxes according to customer-specific demands. For example, the water connections can be arranged according to the wishes of the customer.

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Example of a cooling box